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Quick Ship Programme

For Work, For Home, For Project, For E-Commerce

Today’s ultra-connected customer isn’t willing to wait... and now they don’t have to.

Our brand new MDK QuickShip programme combines the need for quality office seating with demands of a fast paced delivery service.

Emphasis on a quick turnaround has never been more prominent. The vast emergence of E-commerce purchasing patterns since the Covid-19 Pandemic has left individuals, in many cases, working on sub-optimal seating whether they work at home or are back in the office.

In an attempt to combat this pattern and after listening to the needs of our dealer base and their end-users, we have selected four of our most sought-after models and back stocked the most popular domestic rated black fabric option that is ready to ship within 3 working days.

Fully manufactured in the UK in our Leicester warehouse, our MDK Quickship models have the ability to both prevent and correct ergonomic seating issues that have been on the rise since Covid-19 began just over 4 years ago.

With a product selection that fully encompasses comfort alongside soft aesthetics, we have the requirements covered whether it be for at home, in the office or for hybrid-working.

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